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The Yampa Home Simple Community


Yampa Home Simple is a 4.5-acre planned community with 35 single-family small homes set among open space and scenic landscapes in Yampa, Colorado. The property will provide individual, attainably-priced, full home ownership for Routt County, south of Steamboat Springs. The small home community has a mixed use ground plan, including landscape buffers, intentional home siting, and common facilities such as bike racks and equipment storage.  Additionally, about 1.5 acres of the existing Yampa, Colorado real estate parcel will remain open space.

Yampa, Colorado


The town of Yampa occupies an envied locale as the Gateway to the Flat Tops. The clean air and water, bountiful agricultural land, scenic landscapes, access to hunting, fishing, backcountry exploration, and countless other recreational opportunities—all these rare attributes combine to make Yampa an emblem of what it means to live in the state of Colorado.

Attainably Priced. Built To Last.


The Yampa Home Simple development consists of 500- to 900-square-foot homes, each built onsite. The modern design and use of quality-crafted building materials support minimal maintenance, and are priced at entry-market levels with full ownership. A perfect place for people who cherish the simple life, and value their time spent both inside and outdoors.


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